Patrick Bokanowski – Short Film Works

“A work of experimentation? Sure – but in which beauty and sensitivity, humor
and anxiety creep in as Patrick Bokanowski recomposes, in his own way, these primordial elements, as one might rebuild a figure from the remnants of the exploded bits of an academic statue.” Jean-Michel Frodon, Le Monde

“Do not attempt to understand the signification of these disturbing images. The work is visually superb. It touches us physically before reaching us metaphysically. In a field of shadows, these disoriented peasants harvest the invisible. Déjeuner du matin (Morning Breakfast) is a masterpiece.” Claude Mauriac, VSD

“The brilliance of an ochre sea gives way to the rushing sparkles of fireworks, a rain of colors, a swarm of matter, to abstraction. There may be a thousand ways to fail to describe what is played out between Battements solaires and its beholder, the spectator transfixed by this symphony of colors and mysteries. Michèle Bokanowski’s music provides an equally indefinable dimension.” Jaques Kermabon, Bref

“La Femme qui se poudre had already shown us that this filmmaker, relentlessly transforming ‘real’ images through techniques borrowed from painting and animation, was capable of creating a world of madness and cataclysm and of beauty beyond words. Déjeuner du matin (Morning Breakfast) is a quite worthy successor. Simply put, it’s a magnificent piece of cinema.” Michel Perez, Le Matin de Paris