Patrick Bokanowski – L’Ange

“L’Ange is a complex masterwork  that can only be compared to the Divine (and human) Comedy. This film, screened continuously for ten years in a cinema in Tokyo, like Cocteau’s The Blood of a Poet in New York in the 1950s, has given the world one of its strongest cult movies for the film lovers of a thunderbolt cinema, a cinema that envelops and overwhelms its public.” Dominique Noguez

“Ever since its release, this film has created a sensation. Its technical mystery, hypnotic power, and the links it seems to forge with famous images from art history (Vermeer and Dutch painting; Dürer and his mastery of perspective) have left their mark.” Dominique Païni, Art Press

“There aren’t a million ways to tell the story of a film, and yet, one needs a million and one for L’Ange. Patrick Bokanowski’s first feature film feels more like a magic trick than what we usually call a movie.” Louis Skorecki, Libération

“L’Ange is a prolonged, dense and visually visceral experience of the kind that is rare in cinema today. Difficult to define and locate, its strangeness is quite unique. Over this universe of almost indescribable images and scenes soars the musical soundtrack by Michèle Bokanowski.” Keith Griffiths, Vertigo