A Question of Sunlight – Holly Fisher

“A Question of Sunlight” is a hauntingly strange film about memory – its harms, its powers, its lapses, its surprises. A man speaks of a dreadful thing he believes he saw – and maybe he did. Around this sole figure a fractal cloud of images come and go, as partial and repetitive as memories. A unique and striking work.
– John Crowley, author/professor

“A Question of Sunlight” juxtaposes the jarring memories of 9/11 with the haunting trauma of the Holocaust. We see and hear in vivid close-ups the artist José Urbach as he relives the scenes of Nazi invasion in his childhood Poland when faced with the smouldering ruins of the World Trade Towers on 9/11. In contrast to the many documentaries with interviews of Holocaust survivors that we have seen for the past decade, this film moves us to locate the narrative within images of life. We hear of destruction, but see the bustle of city life slowed down in a Parisian café or glanced through a window glistening in the sun. Life goes on, people recoup their dignity and ability to create beauty, even as the images of death continue to haunt them.
– Karen Remmler, Professor of German Studies, Critical Social Thought, and Gender Studies, Mount Holyoke College


“…a monument to humanity at its best…Wow, what story and what a grace in telling it…” – Jordi Torrent, Film Producer/Director

“An expression of the inexpressible… a journey across a human face, a delve into the mysteries of what the human spirit can endure… evokes the ways compassion and creativity can bridge chasms of experience. ”
– John Gianvito, filmmaker/professor