Hallelujah the Hills – Adolfas Mekas

Adolfas Mekas, born in Lithuania, arrived in the United States with his brother Jonas in 1949. They founded Film Culture, the magazine of independent cinema. In 1954, Adolfas Mekas’ Hallelujah the Hills bears witness to his knowledge and love of cinema, as well as the immense freedom to be found in all the films of the New American Cinema.

Festival de Cannes – Semaine de la Critique 1963
Locarno Film Festival – Silver Sail Award 1963

“Hallelujah the Hills is a gloriously funny and far-out farce about two great big overgrown boy scouts who pratfall in love with the same girl.” — Time Magazine 1963

“Even avowed enemies of the New American Cinema, so called, were impressed by the film’s lack of pretentions and it’s unexpected lyricism and zen serenity in the midst of nervous parody.” — Village Voice, 1963