Jonas Mekas – Sleepless night stories

“SLEEPLESS NIGHTS STORIES originated from my reading of the One Thousand and One Night. While my stories, unlike the Arabian tales, are all from the real life, they too, at some points wander into somewhere else, beyond the everyday routine reality.

There are some twenty five different stories in my movie. Their protagonists are all my good friends and I myself am an inseparable part of the stories. The teller of the Arabian tales was also part of his, or her tales. Some ofthe people in the movie you’ll recognize, some not. The fact that some of them you’ll recognize has no bearing on the stories: after all, we all recognize John Wayne or Annette Benning, but in their stories they are no longer the people you know.

The subjects of the stories cover a wide range of emotions, geographies, personal anguishes, anecdotes. These are not very big stories, not for the Big Screen: these are all personal big stories… And yes, you’ll also find some provocations… But that’s me, one “me” of many. The very question what is a story, is a provocative question.” J.M.

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Directed by: Jonas Mekas
Edited by: Jonas Mekas and Elle Burchill
Additional Cameras: Thomas Boujut, Jonas Lozoraitis, Benn Northover, Louis Garrel


Benn Northover
Louis Garrel
Marina Abramovic
Harmony Korine
Sebastian Mekas
Dalius Naujo
Carolee Schneemann
Ken Jacobs
Florence Jacobs
Louise Bourgeois
Yoko Ono
Phong Bui
Raimund Abraham
Nathlie Provosty
Rachel Korine­Simon
Lefty Korine
Jean­Jacques Lebel
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Pip Chodorov
DoDo Jin Ming
Hopi Lebel
Kris Kucinskas
Thomas Boujut
Audrius Naujokaitis
Jonas Lozoraitis
Lee Stringer
Patti Smith
Diane Lewis
Simon Bryant
Adolfas Mekas
Oona Mekas
Bjork Gudmundsdottir